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    Four well-known brands

  • major

    Service exceeds18year

  • High cost-effectiveness

    As low as5Fold up

  • Global Services

    RMB/USD settlement

Gathering well-known brand enterprise email addresses,More objective and professional
Selected Tencent from ChinaEnterprise email Alibaba, ChinaEnterprise email China NetEaseEnterprise email China 138Enterprise emailFamous email,
security stable High cost-effectiveness,Save more costs for users
exceed18Annual service experience,Provide users with objective analysis of mailbox advantages and disadvantages,Dealing with email issues more professionally

China.Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Email
60MNormal attachment sending and receiving capability,Seamless connection with corporate email with nails

Alibaba Cloud, as the only email operator in the industry based on cloud computing native public cloud services,Independently developed Alibaba email.Alibaba Mailbox has the same level of security attack and defense system as Alipay,Unlimited capacity per user,Multi terminal support,nail+Mail can easily work anytime, anywhere,Meet the requirements for full stack localization,Ensure seamless connection of data migration.

China.NetEase Enterprise Email
100MNormal attachment sending and receiving capability,It is clear whether the recipient has read the sent email Including CC

The first domestic company approvedEAL3+Level security certificate99.99%garbage Virus email interception rate,Multi level permission control Full port multi-layer data encryption
Backbone network node with multiple backups,Matrix Distributed Architecture Design,Disaster recovery level redundancy configuration,Fully automated security warning Vulnerability monitoring Privacy protection Audit management mechanism
High credibilityIPresources,Post Mail,Intelligent selection of secure links to receive emails,Adopting intelligenceDNSAnalytic techniques,Free shipping at home and abroad anytime, anywhere
1500Human professional technical service team,26Years of experience in email operation and maintenance,exceed100The trusted choice for thousands of enterprises.

China.Tencent Enterprise Email
50MNormal attachment sending and receiving capability,Seamless and compatible enterprise email with WeChat

Enterprise WeChat integrated email Instant communication file meeting schedule Micro disk and other functions,Creating more efficient communication and office tools for enterprises
Can insert chat records in emails file Micro disk file Agenda, etc,You can also add document content to the email body,Efficient organization of email content
file backups Moving and other functions,Make management more efficient Schedule invitation Approval of emails makes usage more convenient
Based on WeChat's experience in protecting billions of users, 7day24Hourly safety monitoring Massive anti spam samples,Self developed anti spam patent algorithm,Make work more pure and efficient
Enterprise email has strong overseas connectivity capabilities,Overseas deliveryIPDistributed in the United States Singapore Australia and other countries,Ensure smooth email delivery and receiving

China.138Enterprise email
100MNormal attachment sending and receiving capability,Strange Letter Mo remind,Up to binding to100Domain names

A Treasure Book for Preventing Email Fraud Email sending technology Copyright owner
Certified by China National Confidentiality Technology Evaluation Center National Information SecurityEAL3+authentication Third level certification of the Ministry of Public Security
Strange emails and letters Mo remind,Preventing fraud from similar email addresses go fishing
supportSFP Dmarc DkimHarsh level communication protocol standards
Based on email systems used by over a billion users,Ultimate Safety stable Lower failure rate
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